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AppleWood Smoked Pork Bacon

Applewood Bacon is a recipe of salt, cane sugar and spice. Next, the bacon goes to a smokehouse where it is smoked with applewood The result is a mellow flavor and a little sweetness that is slightly milder than our Hickory Bacon.

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Who doesn't love a bunch of Bacon? This package was created with all the bacon connoisseur's in mind.


Package Includes 5lbs of Pork Bacon:

1lb Hickory Smoked

1lb Applewood Smoked

1lb Maple Glazed

1lb Peppered

1lb Rind-On 

From $56.99

Hand-Pressed Black Angus Bacon & Cheddar Beef Burgers

Made with our signature blend ground beef then mixed with sharp cheddar cheese & smoked bacon for a deliciously cheesy & smoky flavor. Hand-pressed into 1/2 lb. patties.

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Maple Glazed Smoked Pork Bacon

Glazed with a pure maple sugar glaze that adds the perfect amount of sweetness. One of our best-sellers, this flavor will add depth to any breakfast meal.

From $12.99

Smoked Peppered Pork Bacon

Coated with crushed black pepper for a burst of flavor for any sandwich, burger or meal! Same great flavor with an extra pepper coating. This extra pepper really enhances the bacon, without overwhelming the flavor.

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Thick Cut Rind-On Hickory Smoked Pork Bacon

For those that like a little extra crunch with their bacon, try Rind on Bacon. Today most bacon has the pork skin removed before smoking, but some customers prefer the old-fashioned tradition of keeping the "rind" on the bacon.
From $12.99