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Orders placed after 12 noon on the 19th will not ship until Nov 30th.


All orders with Turkeys placed after 3 o'clock PM on Monday Nov. 15th will be shipped out following Monday.

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AppleWood Smoked Pork Bacon

Applewood Bacon is a recipe of salt, cane sugar and spice. Next, the bacon goes to a smokehouse where it is smoked with applewood The result is a mellow flavor and a little sweetness that is slightly milder than our Hickory Bacon.
From $12.99

USDA Prime Dry-Aged Black Angus Ribeye Steak

Our USDA Prime, Dry Aged Ribeye has the mellow taste that only comes from the longstanding dry aging process. Whether it’s a special occasion or a good day to grill, a dry aged Rib Eye is always a great choice!

From $45.99

USDA Prime Black Angus Filet Mignon

The USDA Prime Filet Mignon is our most tender steak, so tender that it can be cut with a fork. This is a special steak with a deliciously mild flavor and amazing buttery texture.

From $45.99

Hand-Pressed Black Angus Bacon & Cheddar Beef Burgers

Made with our signature blend ground beef then mixed with sharp cheddar cheese & smoked bacon for a deliciously cheesy & smoky flavor. Hand-pressed into 1/2 lb. patties.

From $13.99

Pork Scrapple

What is scrapple, you ask? It is a world-famous breakfast side that originated in Pennsylvania. Meat scraps combined with corn meal make scrapple a delicious addition to your next breakfast. Best served crispy with a side of either ketchup or syrup, scrapple will make you wonder how you lived so long without it.


* Gluten Free

From $9.99

Smoked Beef Bones

Marrow Bone is full of flavor sure to satisfy your dog’s natural palate. These high-density bones are full of marrow to ensure a long-lasting challenge for your active chewer.

From $19.99


Made with premium pork butts and Maple syrup for a sweet & savory flavor. The delicious taste of real maple truly compliments the flavor of fresh pork.

From $14.99


Oxtail is the cut for slow cooking. The very word “oxtail” seems to always be followed by the word “stew.” During cooking their gelatin melts into the broth, giving it rich body and a delightful mouth feel.

From $29.99


Bacon Lovers this one is for you. (which is basically everyone)

Package Contains.

1 LB each of Pork Bacon

Hickory Smoked

Applewood Smoked

Maple Glazed


Thick Sliced Rind-On.

1 LB each of Turkey Bacon

Hickory Smoked

Maple Glazed



From $79.99


Welcome to Rack City, where flavor is the law and you are the mayor. Put this on any kind of rib you can think of. Beef? Yup. Pork? Mmmhm. Baby Back? Of course. Utilizing fresh, locally sourced spices we know for sure that this will be your go to Rub for all things Ribs.

All of our signature rubs are made with 100% organic spices. Never any fillers and fully Gluten free! If they start to clump, just give them a good shake and enjoy!


Perfect blend of bold spices and savory flavors to compliment beef or any of it's less domesticated cousins. No MSG. Gluten Free

From $7.99


RELOAD FULLY LOADED is a premium, all purpose seasoning that is FULLY LOADED with a unique blend of spices and herbs, ready to reload flavor into any food you desire! We take pride in bringing you the highest quality seasonings by choosing only the cleanest and freshest ingredients for our blends. From steaks, pork, burgers, chicken, wild game, seafood, veggies, eggs, fries and more, you can use this on everything to enhance each dish with mouth watering savory flavor. Fully Loaded is the absolute go-to seasoning to have in your arsenal!

From $8.99


This BBQ rub screams Texas! If you have been to Franklin, Kreuz, Blacks or Smittys then you know what I am talking about. This beefy BBQ seasoning is fantastic on brisket, tri-tip and steaks, but can be applied to anything you like. Many folks love it on chicken and burgers.

From $9.95


Hardcore Carnivore Black is an activated charcoal rub with vivid color contrast. It is the ultimate rub for beef and red meat. It’s packed with quality ingredients that enhance the flavor of your meat without overpowering it. HCB is incredible on steaks creates the most epic bark on brisket and BBQ meats.

From $12.99


Spellbound is the absolute perfect slightly sweet all-purpose barbecue rub. Perfect for chicken, pork, and a great rib rub. This rub is a mix of sweet, salty, and smokey!

From $7.99


Bold and sweet with strong notes of real bourbon. This tastes as great slathered on a rack of ribs as it does drizzled over any smoked meat.

From $9.99
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