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Ground Yak 16oz (Frozen)

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Use Ground Yak meat the same as you would use ground beef. Whether you are making tacos, burgers or stuffed peppers, make sure not to overcook this very lean meat. 

Yak meat is a healthy, lean protein that is lower in cholesterol and saturated fat than beef. It is also a more environmentally friendly option, since yaks require significantly less land and water than cattle. Ground yak meat is a versatile ingredient, and perfect for making burgers, tacos, meatballs, and more! Yak meat is also a great option for those who are looking for a leaner protein source. 

Yak meat is a nutrient-rich food that is packed with protein, iron, and vitamins. Ground Yak is also a good source of omega-three fatty acids, which are beneficial for heart health, while being a delicious and sustainable way to enjoy all the benefits of red meat without the negative environmental impact. If you are concerned about the environmental impact of your diet, ground yak meat is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint! 

Our favorite Ground Yak recipe involves stuffing the with garlic, scallion and ginger, inside of a wonton wrapper and then steam or fry. Serve with soy sauce for a fun appetizer that everyone will enjoy!