If you are looking for the perfect package for those summer Holidays or just want to try some of our Hand-pressed Burgers & Homemade sausages this package has got you covered plus it comes with some of our smoked bacons as well (who doesn't love bacon) and a few seasonings & BBQ sauce. 

Package Includes

4 Brisket Burgers

4 Bacon Cheddar Burgers

4 Perfect Pepper Burgers

6 Smokey Cheddar Turkey Sausages

6 Spinach & Feta Chicken Sausages

3lbs Bacon (Hickory, Apple, Maple)

2 Seasonings (Relaod Magnum, Lanes Signature)

1 BBQ Sauce (Farmgirls Brown Sugar Bourban)

Summer Grillin Package Includes: 4 Brisket Burgers, 4 Bacon & Ched. Burgers, 4 Perfect Pepper Burgers, 6 Smokey Ched Sausages, 6 Spinach Feta Sausages, 3lbs Bacon, 1 Reload Magnum 1 Lanes Signature & 1 Farmgirls Brown Sugar Bourban BBQ Sauce