Homemade Sausage

Shop Halteman Family Meats' large variety of Homemade sausages including turkey sausage, pork sausage, breakfast links, kielbasa, and more.

Made with all Fresh ingreidents and NO perservitives or Fillers.

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Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage

Made with fresh turkey thighs, Halteman’s sausage seasoning and Italian spices for that authentic Italian flavor we all crave.


*Made with Collagen casing

From $15.99

Turkey Breakfast Links

Our mouth-watering flavor made with our signature breakfast seasoning will make you want breakfast for every meal !!


*Made with Collagen casing

From $14.99

Up Home Sage Turkey Sausage


Our most popular turkey sausage, made with Halteman’s sausage seasoning and fresh sage. Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


*Made with Collagen casing

From $15.99