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Oxtail is the cut for slow cooking. The very word “oxtail” seems to always be followed by the word “stew.” During cooking their gelatin melts into the broth, giving it rich body and a delightful mouth feel.
From $19.99

USDA Choice Black Angus Chuck Roast

Our all-natural, hand-cut chuck roast works best as a meal prepared in a slow cooker. Pairs well with potatoes, onions, and anything else that you want in a crock-pot meal.
From $29.99

USDA Choice Black Angus Rump Roast

This is a delicious and tender cut of beef that is great for cooking & slicing for your guests. A great party starter! Set it and forget it! The perfect slow-cooker meat that works well for the food prepper in the family.
From $29.99

USDA Choice Black Angus Standing Rib Roast

This is one of the more eye-pleasing dishes that you can prepare! A customer favorite for family dinners ranging from casual Sunday dinner to special Holiday meals. Whether you want to prepare your roast in the oven or on the grill, it's perfect for those who prefer a classic presentation.
From $129.99

USDA Prime Black Angus Bone-In Rib Roast

Rich flavor, juicy tenderness and majestic appearance. The grand champion of beef roasts. One of the most tender beef cuts. Fine-grained with generous marbling throughout. This roast is an impressive centerpiece for any occasion. This cut is best roasted whole "standing" on its ribs, allowing the top layer of fat to render and self-baste the meat.
From $99.99

USDA Prime Black Angus Filet Roast

A stunning centerpiece to an elegant holiday meal or any meal for that matter, our highly marbled Prime Tenderloin Roast is juicy, tender and flavorful beyond compare.
From $149.99