Farm Fresh Poultry

Shop Halteman Family Meats' large variety of poultry products including whole turkeys, turkey sausages, and turkey burgers.

Cinnamon Apple Turkey Breakfast Links

Try something different for breakfast with our Cinn. Apple links, real apples with a nice cinnamon flavor its sure to become your new favorite.
From $14.99

Hand-Pressed Spinach & Feta Turkey Burgers

Our Turkey burgers are hand mixed with fresh spinach and crumbled feta cheese! This burger is packed with tons of flavor! Hand-pressed in 1/2 lb patties
From $25.99

Hot Italian Turkey Sausage

Made with fresh turkey thighs our Hot Italian sausage is medium heat with a true Italian flavor. Great to spice up some chili or throw on the grill.
From $14.99

Roasted Tomato Chicken Sausage w/Sharp Provolone Cheese

Roasted tomatoes, fresh basil and Sharp Provolone cheese gives this sausage a nice bold flavor with a little tang from the Sharp cheese.
From $14.99

Smoked Maple Turkey Bacon

Meaty, smoky, delicious – It won’t be hard giving up pork, cold turkey. Real Wood Smoked and the rich “Good Morning” taste of Traditional Maple Flavor.
From $9.99

Smoked Turkey Bacon

Turkey bacon is usually prepared from cured, smoked, chopped and formed turkey, Turkey bacon can be cooked by pan-frying or deep-frying. As a lower fat alternative, it became popular in America in the early 90s.
From $9.99

Smokey Cheddar Turkey Sausage

We use our fresh turkey thighs, Halteman's sausage seasoning, fresh chives, and cheddar cheese to create this cheesy, smoky, and delicious flavor.
From $14.99

Spinach & Feta Chicken Sausage

Fresh spinach, feta cheese and Halteman’s sausage seasoning makes this a milder sausage but does not lack in the flavor department.
From $14.99

Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage

Made with fresh turkey thighs, Halteman’s sausage seasoning and Italian spices for that authentic Italian flavor we all crave.
From $14.99

Turkey Breakfast Links

Our mouth-watering flavor made with our signature breakfast seasoning will make you want breakfast for every meal !!
From $14.99

Turkey Scrapple

What is scrapple, you ask? It is a world-famous breakfast side that originated in Pennsylvania. Meat scraps combined with corn meal make scrapple a delicious addition to your next breakfast. Best served crispy with a side of either ketchup or syrup, scrapple will make you wonder how you lived so long without it.
From $7.99

Up Home Turkey Sausage

Our most popular turkey sausage, made with Halteman’s sausage seasoning and fresh sage. Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
From $14.99