Farm Fresh Poultry

Shop Halteman Family Meats' large variety of poultry products including whole turkeys, turkey sausages, and turkey burgers.

Cinnamon Apple Turkey Breakfast Links

Try something different for breakfast with our Cinn. Apple links, real apples with a nice cinnamon flavor its sure to become your new favorite.


*Made with Collagen casing

From $14.99


For those who like the white meat of the Chicken Breast but also enjoy the crackly goodness of skin, this one's for you.

From $16.99


The Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast is the go-to cut. It's the people's choice because it is lean, easy to cook, and adaptable to pretty much any style and recipe.

From $19.99


Our Fresh Whole Chickens are perfect for grilling, smoking, or roasting in the oven when looking for a quick and easy dinner that will satisfy the whole family. 

They are raised with no Hormones or Antibotics.

From $19.99

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Give the gift of great meals and delicious memories with a gift card for in any value between $5 and $1,000


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Hand-Pressed Spinach & Feta Turkey Burgers

Our Turkey burgers are hand mixed with fresh spinach and crumbled feta cheese! This burger is packed with tons of flavor! Hand-pressed in 1/2 lb patties

From $14.99

Hot Buffalo Chicken Sausage

Made with freshly ground chicken thighs, Halteman’s sausage seasoning and all-natural spices, our Buffalo Chicken Sausage is everything you love about buffalo chicken wings in a sausage link.


*Made with Collagen casing

From $15.99

Hot Italian Turkey Sausage

Made with fresh turkey thighs our Hot Italian sausage is medium heat with a true Italian flavor. Great to spice up some chili or throw on the grill.


*Made with Collagen casing

From $15.99

Lancaster County Bone-In Turkey Breast

Bone-In Turkey Breast is perfect for anyone who only wants white meat or a smaller option from a whole turkey for a Thanksgiving meal or a wonderful healthy dinner option! Hand-cut for your order.

From $49.99


NO CARVING NEEDED! Cut from our all-natural Turkey Breast our Boneless Turkey Breast are easier option than a whole turkey, just slice & serve. Try with your favorite sauce or marinade for a natural, uncommonly good dinner. We recommend cooking 20-25 min per lb. at 350 or until internal temp. is 160

From $49.99

Lancaster County Fresh Turkey

Our Fresh Whole Turkeys are full of meat and flavor and are great for your thanksgiving party or just for a wonderful dinner. Our turkeys are never frozen and are raised without any hormones or antibiotics.

From $89.99


Cut from our all-natural Turkey Breast and then stuffed with our Homemade Bread Stuffing, all you need yet is some cranberry relish and you have yourself a Thanksgiving meal that's perfect for anytime of the year. We recommend cooking 20-25 min per lb. at 350 or until internal temp. is 160

*Stuffing cotains eggs

From $49.99