Domestic Lamb

Shop Halteman Family Meats' selection of lamb chops and racks of lambs.

Hand-Pressed Lamb Patties

Our Lamb Patties are made using only the highest quality domestic lamb. Hand-Pressed into 8 ounce patties, these patties pair well with feta cheese or a side of roasted tomatoes.

From $17.99

Lamb Loin Chops

For fans of lamb, these are the ultimate lamb chops. They are the most tender chop on a lamb. The hefty chunks of lamb are great on the grill, but are also delicious with a pan-seared crust. Season with some thyme or rosemary.
From $39.99

Lamb Steak

Our Lamb Steak is round, thick cut, incredibly lean and tender. Lamb steaks are best grilled, griddled, pan-fried or sautéed. They are also great on the BBQ in the summer.

Leg of Lamb

Leg of Lamb is an incredibly tender cut matched with amazing flavor. This bone-in leg of lamb is proof that meat really does taste best when roasted on the bone. It's a classic preparation, and easy to do.
From $99.99

Rack of Lamb

The rack of lamb is the perfect cut of meat. It’s easy to cook, whether on the grill or in the oven. It’s easy to carve: simply follow the bones and cut between them. And with lamb this tender and delicious, it’s oh, so easy to eat.
From $99.99