Green Tree Cheese, Made with Raw Whole Milk from Small Family Farms

In Southeastern LancasterCounty, tucked neatly between the small towns of Georgetown and Ninepoints lies an area known to locals as Green Tree. 

There is the birthplace of Green Tree Foods.

Green Tree was born with the idea to buy milk from farmers who were being affected by low milk prices and ma...

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How Lancaster County Does Scrapple

There is a little secret that mid-Atlantic breakfast eaters share. You won’t find this secret west of Ohio and rarely east past New Jersey. It was gifted to us by our forefathers, but many are unsure that they want to unwrap it.

The Quality of USDA Prime

In today’s world, we have more choices for food than ever before. Most Americans eat better & more complex meals than kings & queens have just a few centuries before us. We can eat food that has come from all over the world or from our own backyards with a split-second choice.

A history of us in Reading Terminal

The original Halteman family began their journey in the Reading Terminal Market in 1918. They showcased meat from their family farm in center city, Philadelphia, at the Market. Several generations of the original family were involved until the Riehl family continued to build the brand to where it is today. 

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